Summer School 2022

Within the framework of the Jean Monnet Module “CoRiMaR” (2020-2023), the University of Udine (Italy) organizes the 15th Summer School on ‘Consumer’s Rights and Market Regulation in the European Union’, in cooperation with a consortium of European universities, now including University of Essex (UK), De Montfort University (UK), Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara (Romania), East Anglia University (UK), University of Rijeka (Croatia) and University of Belgrade (Serbia).
Since 2008, almost 400 students and 30 lecturers from all over Europe (including from previous partner universities) participated in our summer school.
Our goals are:
• To offer a quality and intensive training, focusing on transnational developments at the EU level;
• To promote the sharing of knowledge, experiences and practices between participants from different countries;
• To help participants in developing incisive reasoning skills and other soft skills such as team working, problem solving and argumentative reasoning.

The 2022 Summer School will consist 40 hours of lectures, a workshop and a moot court. It aims to provide a comprehensive training on the legal discipline of consumer protection and market regulation in the European Union Law, with a particular reference to digital technologies, the following relevant aspects:
1) Consumer protection and empowerment issues;
2) Private international law issues;
3) Dispute resolution and redress issues;
4) Market regulation.

The Summer school will be based on tested participatory methodology, including interactive discussions and case studies. The topics will be analysed adopting an interdisciplinary approach, involving trainers from different disciplines and background. The training material will be available on a devoted training platform.

The Summer school is designed for undergraduate students, graduate students and Ph.D. students with a general knowledge of EU Law and intending to upgrade their knowledge and competences on the specific topics of the course.
All the activities will be held in English. Therefore, participants are asked to be fluent in English in order to actively participate to the course.

The summer school will be held from 13 July to 22 July 2022, either in virtual or in presence format on attendant’s choice and in compliance with restrictive rules related to the COVID-19 emergency.

The available places for enrolment are 40. Ten places are reserved for undergraduate students from non-partner universities, PhD students, or students graduated no more than two years earlier.
Students who are interested in applying to the Summer School must contact the organizing secretary at the e-mail address The following documents must be attached: a curriculum vitae, a motivational letter (max 300 words), the transcript of exams and grades and a copy of the identity card or passport.
The application deadline is 15th June 2022, 12.00 pm GMT.
The tuition-fee amounts to € 600,00 including accommodation costs in Udine from 12 July to 22 July 2022, or to € 300,00 without accommodation.
No tuition-fee for number of students selected by partner Universities, members of the organizing consortium.
All travel costs are at students’ expense.

Students who comply with the attendance obligations (90% attendance) will be issued with a certificate of attendance.
The course has been credited by the Department of Law of the University of Udine with 4 ECTS credits for students enrolled in the Law Degree Course and in the Law for enterprises and institutions Degree Course at the University of Udine.

Campus of Legal and Economic Sciences, Via Tomadini 30/A, 33100 Udine (Italy)

Residenza Universitaria delle Grazie, Via Pracchiuso 21, 33100 Udine (Italy)


Scientific Coordinator and Lecturer
- PROF. ELISABETTA BERGAMINI, Università degli Studi di Udine
Prof. Bergamini teaches European Union Law, International Private Law and European Family Law at the University of Udine

- PROF. RALUCA BERCEA, Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara
Prof. Bercea teaches Institutional law of the European Union, comparative law and legal systems, principles of European law, private law harmonization, in the European Union at the West University of Timișoara – Law Faculty.

- PROF. LUCIAN BOJIN, Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara
Prof. Bojin has been teaching classes and holding seminars on International Law, Human Rights Protection, International Organizations, EU Law, Business Law since 2004 at the West University of Timisoara – Law Faculty.

- PROF. YOUSEPH FARAH, University of East Anglia
Prof. Farah lectures on contract law, investment arbitration, international dispute resolution, and international commercial litigation. Prof. Farah is also very active in the field of business and human rights

- PROF. TATJANA JOVANIC, University of Belgrade
Prof. Jovanić is Full professor at the Department of Law of the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She teaches Law of the Economic System, Banking and Stock Exchange Law and Economic Law.

- PROF. IVANA KUNDA, University of Rijeka
Prof. Kunda is Head of the European and Private International Law Chair, and Vice-Dean for Research at the University of Rijeka, Faculty of Law.

- PROF. PETER MEZEI, University of Szeged
Prof. Mezei is Associate professor at the Institute of Comparative Law of University of Szeged, Hungary. He focuses on intellectual property law, especially copyright law, internet and other digital technologies, as well as comparative law.

- PROF. MARTIN MORGAN-TAYLOR, DeMontfort University - Leicester
Prof. Morgan-Taylor researches consumer protection, particularly the protection of consumers against unfair commercial practices and terms, as well as protection when buying online.

- PROF. CHRIS WILLETT, University of Essex
Prof. Willett is Professor in Commercial Law. For 30 years he has taught, researched, published and advised in the areas of UK, EU and global consumer and contract law. He regularly conducts studies and research reports and advise on law reform for the UK government, the EU and other bodies

- DR. BERNARDO CALABRESE, Università degli Studi di Verona
Dr. Calabrese is currently researcher in Commercial law at the University of Verona, where he teaches Commercial law, Intellectual property law and Industrial and competition law.

- DR. FRANCESCO DEANA, Università degli Studi di Udine
Dr. Deana is currently Adjunct professor in European Union Law and European Family Law at the Department of Legal Sciences of University of Udine. He is the Academic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Module "European Family Law" (2019-22).

DR. SORINA DOROGA, Universitatea de Vest din Timisoara
Dr. Doroga is lecturer PhD and full-time teacher of European Banking Law at the West University of Timisoara – Law Faculty

- DR. MARCO INGLESE, Università degli Studi di Parma
Dr. Inglese is currently researcher in European Union law at the University of Parma, Department of Law, Politics and International Studies, where he teaches in the vast domain of EU Law.

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