About Us

Founded in 1995, the Department of Legal Sciences (DISG) in the nomen of the main scientific-disciplinary macro-area of legal sciences gathers a long-standing demand for cultural growth and legal education, which it enriches with research, teaching and scientific dissemination activities. On the strength of these peculiarities, it has preserved the autonomy of the structure - unique at the regional level - with a role of service, support and synergy to courses of study and research activities of other departments as well. The department is staffed by faculty, researchers, fellows, doctoral students and scholars as well as administrative staff who support all DISG activities.

  The degree programs offered are: Law (five-year single-cycle master's degree), Law for Business and Institutions (three-year degree) and Law for Business and Public Administration Innovation (two-year master's degree). In addition, the Department also offers two first-level master's degrees as: Erasmus Mundus Level I master's degree "Euroculture".

  The introduction alongside traditional courses of study of innovative didactic paths adapted to the challenges of a changing world and profession characterize the didactic offer that intends to train jurists able to best combine legal skills with innovation (especially digital) and socio-economic-organizational change, declined with respect to the needs of the stakeholders of the territory.  It is home to the Doctorate in Law for Innovation in the European Legal Space and manages national and international research projects. 

  The Department's activities are defined in the Strategic Plan for the three-year period 2022-2025